SQL Training in New Jersey

SQL Server training in New Jersey is brought to you by Intellipaat with an end-to-end course curriculum to provide all levels of expertise. At Intellipaat, the instructors will clearly explain all the concepts, and you will get the latest course material, projects to work on, and help you clear Microsoft SQL certification. Key Highlights: 30 Hrs Instructor Led Training 16 Hrs Self-paced Videos 32 Hrs Project & Exercises Certification Job Assistance Flexible Schedule Lifetime Free Upgrade Mentor Support Overview: Microsoft SQL Training in New Jersey Overview This SQL training in New Jersey, the United States, is curated by Intellipaat for those who are looking to gain skills in SQL. The complete range of concepts, be it data manipulation language, components of stored procedures, or designing DDL triggers, are taught to meet industry standards. What will you learn as part of Intellipaat’s SQL Server training in New Jersey? As part of Intellipaat’s SQL Server classes in New Jersey, candidates shall gain an understanding of the concepts like: SQL: General and duplicate functions Understanding different types of subqueries Studying user-defined functions Understanding stored procedures SQL Server Management Studio Creating Transact-SQL queries Querying data using table expressions Who can enroll in Intellipaat’s MS SQL course in New Jersey? The below-mentioned professionals might find this SQL Server training to be valuable: Business Analysts Business Intelligence professionals Candidates aspiring to make a career in SQL development What are the prerequisites to join Intellipaat’s SQL Server classes in New Jersey? If the candidates can demonstrate the necessary skills in the relational database management system, then it will be helpful for them in easily learning the concepts of SQL Server. Why take up this SQL Server training offered by Intellipaat? You might want to take into consideration a few facts before joining our SQL Server certification training in New Jersey: The average annual salary of a SQL Server Developer in New Jersey is approximately US$112,531 – Indeed Microsoft Azure is among the top Cloud Computing companies of 2020 due to its fast and consistent SQL querying of data – eWeek SQL has topped the list of the most in-demand skills of the year – Dice.com For more information: https://intellipaat.com/sql-training-new-jersey/ Module 1 - Introduction to SQL Module 2 - Database Normalization and Entity Relationship Model Module 3 - SQL Operators Module 4 - Working with SQL: Join, Tables, and Variables Module 5 - Deep Dive into SQL Functions Module 6 - Working with Subqueries Module 7 - SQL Views, Functions, and Stored Procedures Module 8 - Deep Dive into User-defined Functions Module 9 - SQL Optimization and Performance Module 10 - Advanced Topics Module 11 - Managing Database Concurrency Module 12 - Practice Session Module 13 - Microsoft Courses: Study Material


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