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QA Training with Placement Assistance

31 Dec, 2019
Benchteq in Piscataway,NJ provides Online QA training with quality assurance certification for beginners and advanced level students also get Software Quality Assurance training course materials.
Benchteq is on-demand marketplace that connects the clients with worlds top mentors & freelance Developers. Benchteq converges decades of offshore recruiting experience to help US IT Staffing Agencies in the USA.
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Quality Assurance Certification Curriculum

Introduction to testing
Software Development Models
Water fall Model
Spiral Model
Prototype Model
Agile Model
Software Testing Life Cycle
Requirement Review
Test plan Preparation
Test cases designing
Test Data setup (Approach for gathering Test data)
TestCase Execution
Defect reporting
Levels of testing
Unit Testing
Module Testing
Integration Testing
System Testing
User Acceptance Testing
Methods of Testing
Black Box Testing
Equivalence Partitioning
Boundary Value Analysis
Error Guessing
Decision tables
White Box Testing
Grey Box Testing
Requirement Traceability Matrix
Bug Life Cycle
Test Closure activity
Test summary Report preparation
Types of testing
Functional Testing
Smoke Testing
Sanity Testing
Regression Testing
Compatibility Testing
Usability Testing
Exploratory Testing
End to End Testing
Security Testing
Adhoc Testing
Alpha Testing
Beta Testing
Exhaustive Testing
Recovery Testing
Non-Functional Testing
Performance Testing
Load Testing
Stress Testing
Volume Testing
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