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Dhyanotsav - a celebration of meditation

New Jersey Performing Arts Center, 1 Center Street, Newark, NJ 07102

07 Sep, 2019
07 Sep, 2019

FREE EVENT but REGISTRATION REQUIRED: This event is open to one and all!!

Register at: heartfulness.org/nj

We invite you to this amazing gathering of individuals passionate
about living life guided by the heart’s wisdom. One of the largest
meditation events of its kind, this is a unique opportunity to
experience the special oneness that emerges when we meditate together.

Connect with inspiring speakers and explore simple and practical ways to take meditation to your communities.

Meet with meditation trainers in your local areas and set up appointments to begin your journey towards
health, happiness and peace.

All meditation training and support is offered free of cost

Event will also feature:

  • A guided demo on neuroplasticity and its benefits for children by the Brighter Minds organization

The human brain has 100 billion neurons, the same as the
number of stars in the Milkyway galaxy! Thanks to Neuroplasticity it's
possible to keep building connections that help the brain adapt better
to its environment. Join us on the 7th of September to learn methods and
techniques to increase your child's observation and perception. This amazing session will showcase how children between the ages of 5 & 15 can use their perceptions and do things which might seem impossible....Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity at a World Class Venue, the NJPAC...Join us and RSVP today!

See you on Sep 7th at NJPAC! Please go
to heartfulness.org/nj for information on tickets, FAQs. The ticket
information reflecting now is a standard Sulekha template which we have
been unable to updat


Join Us For An Exciting And Immersive Meditative Experience.

(Seats are filling up fast. Act now!)

Inspiring key note speakers.
Amazing display of neuroplasticity for kids
Guided masterclass in meditation.

Answers to important questions like:
Why to meditate on the heart?
What is the best time for meditation?
How much time should I meditate?
How to set up guided sessions with my trainer?

The Practice of Heartfulness
Heartfulness Relaxation for physical-mental coherence and calm, followed
by Heartfulness Meditation on the source of light in your heart to take
you deeper within.

Learn the Heartfulness Relaxation for physical-mental coherence and calm and use it anytime to de-stress.

Learn a simple
end-of-day rejuvenative cleaning method to detox your mind to let go of
stress and complex emotions and mental conflicts.

Learn the process to listen to the heart’s voice to observe your deepest feelings and make wise pragmatic life choices.

Key Note Speakers 


As both an accomplished Saxophonist and
Bansuri flute player, Pawan Benjamin stands at the intersection of
profound musical traditions. Rooted in Jazz and Improvisation, his
pursuit of learning later led him to the Bansuri Flute and a deep study
of Nepali Folk and Indian Classical Music. His unique perspective into
these legacies of music has allowed him to work with a myriad of
world-class artists, and perform and teach around the world.

At Dhyanotsav, Pawan will tee off the
program with a musical invocation to inspire us on the breath taking
journey that awaits us through the afternoon.


Omi Vaidya, a popular American actor,
very well known for his various sitcoms and his performance in the
Bollywood hit 3 idiots is also a Heartfulness Meditator. Omi will be
speaking at the event about a topic very close to all our hearts,
"children". He will share the dias with the kids from Brighter Minds to
showcase to the world the amazing skills and capabilities that are
harnessed in chilren through a regular practice of these brain


Keith Mitchell's life story is one of a
warrior defying the odds and rewriting destiny. When a sports injury
finished Keith's career, he bounced back with the power of meditation. A
rivetting personal journey and a memoir soaked in inspiration, Keith
will speak with the audience on the topic of "Bouncing Back in Life"
from the most impossible odds.


Dr.Jay, a faculty and doctor at the
prestigious Well Span group will be sharing with the audience a
scientific perspective on the role of meditation in well being. Dr.Jay
will share his findings on the results from a BurnOut study and Insomnia
study. His rivetting narrative on how meditation helps us build
meaningful connections and live a fulfilling life is very inspiring and

Brighter Minds: Neuroplasticity of the brain

The mind of a child has immense potential, beyond the scope of our imagination!

From a spiritual perspective, children
are at an advantage over us because of their innocence and the inherent
simplicity in their thought and action. From a scientific perspective,
they possess a significant strength as well.

The neural networks in their brains are
flexible and adaptable, with the potential to create new connections and
grow in different directions. This is known as brain plasticity.Both
sides of the brain work at their optimal capacity when developed and
exercised in equilibrium.

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