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Odisha Society of Americas 50th Convention

Harrah's Resort Atlantic City, 777 Harrah's Boulevard, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

04 Jul, 2019
04 Jul, 2019

Celebrate 50 glorious years of togetherness of Odisha Society of Americas at Harrah's Resort Atlantic City

We are privileged to live
in the oldest democracy. Democracy starts with a “D”. So do diversity
and differences. These 3 D’s are essential to maintain democracy. Our
democracy is stronger and has lived longer because of them. Our
demographics is changing. Needs and aspiration of immigrants and second
generation Odiyas is changing. OSA as a custodian of culture is at an
inflection point. To embrace the new generation, we need to adopt. To
remain relevant, we need to adopt. To become stronger, we need members.
Let’s build bridges. Not bridge to nowhere. But, bridge to the future.
To celebrate 50 glorious years of our togetherness and to build bridges
to the future, we invite everyone to join us during July 4-7, 2019 at
Harrah’s Atlantic City, New Jersey. This convention will bring Odiays
together from the North Americas and the world to celebrate our culture
and build bridges for the next 50 years. To do so, we will mobilize to
meet the needs and aspirations of the generation born here and arriving
from Odisha as new immigrations. Yes, we believe in prosperity. Jobs,
immigration, investment and business are in our mind beyond serving as
the custodian of culture. Come with friends and families!

On Thursday 4th Jul 2019 at 12:00 PM

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