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Shakahari Jeevan (Vegetarian Life)

Science Of Spirituality, 15 Market Street, Perth Amboy, NJ 08861

10 Nov, 2019
10 Nov, 2019

To succeed in the path of spirituality we need to make our life free of  Non
-Violence,greed,and ego. Vegetarianism is the one the main ways to
achieve non-voilence.Vegetarian diet not only Improves our Mental and
Physical health it also helps us spiritually.

 Once we start leading our life in Vegetarian way we soon find ourself filled with love and grace of GOD.

Come and listen to what Saints have to say about leading  a true and Happy life.

Self Meditation from 10:30  am to 11:00 am . Satsang in Hindi from 11:am to 12:00 pm.

Satsang in English is run in parallel for the accompanying children.
There is also Satsang in English for Young Adullts at the same time.

Vegetarian meals served after the conclusion of the program

On Sunday 10th Nov 2019 at 10:30 AM

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