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Tribute to Farida Khanum - featuring Azalea Ray

7 Whitehouse Way, Monroe Township, NJ 08831

14 Sep, 2019
14 Sep, 2019

Farida Khanum remains one of the greatest ever proponents of ghazal
ga'eki. Acclaimed over decades for her unsurpassed mastery in her field,
her throaty huskiness has ruled the roost where it comes to the
artistic expression of the beauty of traditional Urdu ghazal.
who better to pay tribute to her than the only shagird (pupil) Farida
Khanum ever took on? The delectable Azalea Ray possesses a four-octave
vocal range. She was born in Holland to Bengali parents, and grew up in
Canada singing classical songs at community gatherings. Over time she
turned to Pakistani Sufi music and mastered the genre through meticulous
Per Muzaffar Ali, music director of such Bollywood films
as Umrao Jan, "the dard (anguish) in Azalea's voice is mindblowing!".
An understatement now, given that Azalea has since also perfected the
art of ghazal ga'eki at the feet of her idol Farida Khanum in Lahore.

On Saturday 14th Sep 2019 at 8:00 PM

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